Business Entities and Transactional Law

BFW is experienced in all aspects of business law. We work with companies ranging from start-ups to international companies, and from single owners to publicly traded companies. We assist clients with the initial formation of the business, their ongoing business needs, and the exit from the business.

We help clients get off to a good start by determining the appropriate entity type, proper creation of the entity, well thought out and clearly stated terms of ownership, initial corporate governance, ownership agreements that set forth the rights and relationship between the owners, and agreements with the key individuals who will work in the business.

We assist clients with the myriad of issues that arise when operating a business, including obtaining financing, attracting and retaining talented personnel, business contracts, raising money, protecting assets, business expansion or contraction, challenges that arise, and business disputes.

At some point clients will exit the business, whether through merger or acquisition or dissolution and liquidation. We are experienced and ready to help with those aspects, too.