Ethics Rules Lawyers Should Remember

2015-2016 UPDATE1

By Herrick K. Lidstone, Jr.
Burns, Figa & Will, P.C.
Greenwood Village, CO

The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct (the “Colo. RPC”), the comments to the Colo. RPC, and the interpretations provided by the courts and the Ethics Committee of the Colorado Bar Association govern lawyers practicing law in Colorado, and in some cases are impacted even when Colorado lawyers are not practicing law. This is merely intended to be a summary of some of the rules most likely to impact lawyers and is intended only to serve as a reminder, and not an extensive discussion. I have offered references where further discussion is desired, including to chapter 17 (Ethical Considerations) of a book I wrote with Allen Sparkman, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES AND PARTNERSHIPS IN COLORADO (CLE in Colorado 2015) (“LLCS IN COLORADO”) where there is an extensive discussion of some of the issues raised. The vast majority of disciplinary cases in 2015, as in prior years, were as a result of lawyer neglect of client matters, failure to communicate, and mishandling client funds.

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