Alix Joseph will be hosting the live webinar “Colorado Water Rights, Sales and Transfers.”

Stay up-to-date on the latest issues impacting Colorado water law with Alix Joseph.

The economy is picking up again. Developers, municipalities, corporations, and other entities are looking for water rights to satisfy increased commercial, industrial, and residential development. This topic helps people involved in either purchasing or selling water rights to understand what water rights are needed, how to analyze the water rights available, to determine whether the seller of water rights in Colorado has marketable title, and how to avoid injury to others in transferring those water rights. Understanding the nature of the water rights to be transferred assists both parties in determining the value of the water rights to be transferred. It is critical for the purchaser of water rights to ensure that the water rights they are buying are sufficient for the purpose for which they purchasing the water. Understand how to analyze the water rights being conveyed, so that you can determine whether or not they are sufficient for the purpose you or your client needs.

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